Monday Musings

Happy Monday all!

We spent time working in the garden this weekend as a family.  I love it when we do that!  Hubby moved/tossed my compost pile and worked on trimming some tree branches.  The girls and I weeded and cleaned the rest of the fall plants out of the garden.  The space is all ready to plant okra — if it would ever warm up around here.

The kids built a fort out of all the tree branches Daddy cut down.  They’ve already been out there playing in it this morning.


The “real foods” diet is going pretty well.  We had a few ‘processed’ moments, as we ate out a couple of times this weekend.  We (Kevin and I) have decided that pretty much from now on, we are going to try and continue to eat ‘real’, non-processed food at home, but not completely restrict the kids or ourselves when we’re out and about — be it at a restaurant, or life group/church functions, or even at the homes of friends or relatives.  It seems more manageable in the long-term this way.

My kids have been checking to see if the cast list has been posted for “The Sound of Music” musical they auditioned for like every 5 minutes since yesterday after church.  It won’t be up until at least tonight.  I have a feeling it’s going to be a long day.

It is GORGEOUS outside today!  It’s 76 degrees with a nice breeze.  The kids are outside playing imaginatively out in their “fort” and I gave in to their pleas to start school after lunch.  I’m such a sucker when they’re playing together nicely and without electronics!

It’s funny how sometimes during the middle of the week, I think, “Oh, I should blog about that” but then I don’t, because it would go better in a “Monday Musing” post, but then when Monday comes around I can’t think of anything consequential to write about.

My friend Liv met her goal!  Isn’t that awesome!!  She is donating the iPad she won to the Family Promise program at church, which is a program for temporarily housing homeless families as they get back on their feet.  What an awesome example of giving for a 4th grader!

I need to go see if my husband’s softball jersey is clean… hmm…

I keep getting distracted by the picturesque view of my backyard.  It is so beautiful outside.  I’m thinking we might have to take the History books out for some fresh air.

It has come to my attention that some of you [Patricia] were not aware which band is the greatest of all time.  Ahem.

Just in case you were wondering, it’s the BEATLES.

“Baby, you can drive my car…”

I cannot get over how pretty the sage blooms are.  It makes me think of the song… “The sage in bloom, is like perfume… Deep in the Heart of TEXAS.”


Okay…  I have got to get off of here and do something productive.  Have a GREAT week, peeps!

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