Monday Musings

The girls and I just came in from working in the garden for a couple of hours.  We had to start first thing so it wouldn’t be quite so hot.  We didn’t get both garden beds done, but made quite a bit of progress on the first bed.  It was looking like a jungle out there.  I guess we’ll finish #2 tomorrow.

Summertime means pool time!  So glad we have use of the neighborhood pool.  We will be spending many hours here this summer.


Summertime also means new tv rules.  During the school year, I have a “tv only on the weekend” policy… but as the end of school nears and summer begins, my resolve becomes lax and rules were being broken.  So, Papa Tutu and I talked it over and came up with some new summer rules…. which are:  Only 1 hour of tv per day.  VeggieTales or something educational (Liberty Kids, Animal shows, etc.).  IF they are going to watch a Disney sitcom (blech), which they are so fond of, they will have to watch it WITH Daddy, who will then discuss with them what happened on the show and the questionable attitudes it portrayed.

We’ll see how it goes.

11 Days.  That is how long until Mama Train and I head out on our GIRLS  WEEKEND.  Yahoo!!

For Father’s Day, the girls and I went through and cleaned out Daddy’s closest.  We took 3 bags to Goodwill, and there is now FLOOR in the closet.  Who knew? We also drove around without (well, for the most part) complaint while he pointed out train tracks and places train tracks used to be and where they were constructing the new rail system in Houston.  Because that sort of thing is interesting to him.  And we love him.

My daughter has a temporary blue streak in her hair for the next month or so.  Fun for summer.  It’s just hair…

bluehairIt made quite an impression with the boys in her Sunday School class yesterday.

I bought tickets to go see “Wicked” with my girlfriend in July.  So. Excited!

I’m in a “summer dress” phase.  I’m finding dresses to be so much cooler and more comfortable than jeans or even shorts some days.

I think it’s adorable when the cat chases her tail.

I need to make a trip to the library to return three overdue books.

The squirrel found my blackberry bush and now There are only red berries to be found on it.  No more ripe ones.  Stupid. Evil. Squirrel.

There is a huge pile of dishes in my sink waiting for me to finish this blog post and come attend to them.

And a load of towels to be started… but that shouldn’t be surprising, as there is ALWAYS laundry.  Always.

Guess I should wrap up and go attend to things.  Have a great week, friends!

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