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My girls are always excited when it’s strawberry picking time at the local farm!  Last week was Spring Break, so we avoided the crowds, but now that all those public school kids are back in school and out of our way, we’ll be headed to the patch!  If you have buckets of strawberries leftover from a visit to your local strawberry fields, why not try making some strawberry jam or some yummy strawberry bread?  Mmm… making myself hungry now.  There’s just nothing like fresh strawberries!


Spring Break seemed to fly by for us!  The favorite part for me, of course, was spending time with Mama Train and her boys.  It was so fun having them with us for a couple of days.  Would you just look at all those good-lookin’ kids…

tutus&trainsWe even got them in age order.  Aren’t you impressed?

In related news, my heart just goes out to all of you moms of small children.  Having the Trains around reminded me how crazy and constant life is when you have young’uns.  Just know — it does get better.  There will be days in the future that you can sleep until 9 and take a nap during the middle of the afternoon without having to listen to screaming children or worrying that they’ll blow the house down!

Oh, and for the record, when that happens, you’ll forget how tired you were, you’ll be super nostalgic and wish for the days where those sweet little stinkers were little.  And you’ll look through old pictures that will just melt your heart…


And your womb will scream at you and tell you you could handle another.

And then you’ll realize that you like waking up after it’s light outside and going places without spit-up on your shoulders, the moment will pass, and you’ll tell your womb to mind its own business.  After all, there are always cute nephews to spoil.

Speaking of cute nephews, my brother and his wife celebrated their 4th wedding anniversary last week and their adorable son came over for his first overnight visit, which was splendid.  Have I mentioned what a cutie he is?


He managed to survive the overnight trip to Aunt Laura’s with only one minor boo-boo.  For a toddler boy on the move, I’d say that was a success.

THIS post I read recently cracked. me. up.  Seriously.  Go read it (when you’re done reading my ramblings).

We hosted the junior high devotional last night.  I thought I’d be smart and cook chopped beef in the crock pot for sloppy joes.  Easy peasy, right?   Only, I didn’t decide that’s what I was going to cook until yesterday morning.  And didn’t start the meat before church because I had to stop on the way home and buy it… Let’s just say my pride in being “super-hostess” was chopped down a mile or two as the meat was not tender enough to shred and we had to flip flop the food/devo arrangement so I could have time to chop the beef by hand.  Thankfully another mom stayed and helped me.  Craziness, I tell ya.

Of course, middle-schoolers are forgiving when you serve ice cream sandwiches for dessert.  All was well.

I don’t like sounds in games/apps.  I usually turn them off.

The sky is teasing me.  It’s overcast and my garden would love a little shower, but the forecast only says there’s a 10% chance of rain.

Time to get started on our school day… I love the downhill slope after Spring Break!

I’ll leave you with one last picture…

bffHave a great week, all!


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  1. Renee @ Great Peace March 18, 2013 at 1:05 pm #

    This was a good reading… Thanks! You make my heart smile. ;)

  2. Laura March 18, 2013 at 1:16 pm #

    Aww… Thanks Renee! :)

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