Monday Musings


1. Listening

To The Greatest Showman on repeat.  We all love the soundtrack around here.  It’s our go-to car music lately, and we play it loudly in the house during chore time.


2. Eating

Not much.  In an effort to reduce my waistline, I’ve put myself on a pretty restrictive diet.  So far I’m 11 pounds down, so I’m just going to keep doing what I’m doing.  I’m not even missing most stuff.  I made snickerdoodles for the kids last week and didn’t even desire to taste the dough…

3. Drinking

Lots of water.  I’ve been putting a few drops of essential oils in the water (Peppermint, Lemon and Grapefruit), and I try to drink it all day long!

4. Wearing

Layers.  It has been so cold here.  Bleh.

I also bought a cute new dress and cardigan to wear with it last week from Old Navy.  I wore it with some leggings and my eldest complimented me when I picked her up.  She said I was cute.  Then she saw the leggings and retracted the compliment, saying they didn’t match (which they did, but whatever).  This from the one who wears leggings under shorts.  Huff.  Teens.

5. Feeling

Content.  Lately I feel like I’ve found my groove for the most part and am “settled”.  I still feel the one thing stealing my joy is that we haven’t settled into a church home.  But I feel it’s coming, so I’m trying to be patient.

6. Weather

See #4.  It’s currently 30 degrees outside.  Not okay.

7. Wanting

…my stupid cat to stop peeing on my rug.  I got this adorable plush pink rug to put in front of my bookshelves in our front room.  Only, I can’t just leave it out because my cat thinks it makes a nice place to go potty.  It’s seriously 2 feet from her litter box.  And it’s not that she doesn’t use her litter boxes, or has some urinary problem, because when the rug is not down, she’s fine.  She doesn’t have this problem elsewhere.  I’ve washed it multiple times to get the scent out.  I’ve dropped some strong-smelling oils on it to deter her, which worked for about half a morning… she’s just attracted to the rug.  So, currently, I only put it down when I can monitor her and redirect her if she gets too close.  Sigh.

8. Reading

I finally finished Wuthering Heights this past weekend and haven’t started a new book yet, but I’m thinking I might finally try and read Water for Elephants.  I’m almost halfway through my current Bible in 90 Days reading, so I’ve been in Psalms the past few days, which I’ve enjoyed.

9. Thinking

I probably should get up and be productive, but the kitty is in my lap again and it’s so hard!

10. Enjoying

Essential oils.  That sounds ridiculous, but the more I research and use them, the more I want to try!  I want all the things!

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