Monday Musings

Isn’t it amazing how having people in your house makes it feel more like home?  We’ve been blessed with several visitors lately, and I love it!  My dad came up for a couple of days, my in-laws were here this past weekend, and guess who came for dinner one night while they were on their way home from Harding??

Yes, that’s all the Trains and Tutus!  LOOK HOW GROWN UP???  And please ignore the face my goofy redhead is making.  It’s a phase.

I love how being at home has given me a little more time to do the things I love for a little while.  If you hadn’t noticed, I’m doing #write31days again this year, and the theme is Meal Planning!  I’ve committed to write once a day this month on the topic.  To read them, just click on the menu tab that says “31 days”.

I’m also a sucker for book photo challenges on Instagram.  Check out the #riotgrams challenge I’m participating in this month by searching for the hashtag in your search bar.

My dad and I planted a lemon tree while he was here.  I checked the zones, and citrus trees should be able to grow here.  Let’s hope I can keep it alive through an actual winter.  Oh how lovely it would be to have fresh lemons!

Making THIS pumpkin bread today in celebration of October.  It smells like Fall in here, y’all.

Today is volleyball game day for my youngest.  Last week, she scored 12 points IN A ROW with serves and got the MVP award for her team for the week.  Proud momma moment.

I am constantly impressed with how much better my hair is controlled in this lower humidity.

I have a huge list of things to work on today that I haven’t started yet, so I guess I’d better get off of here and get busy.  Have a wonderful week, friends!


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