Monday Musings


1. Listening

to Lila practicing Region music.  All. The. Time.  And scales. 3 octaves some of them.  Oye!

Also frequently listening to the Disney Frozen radio station on Apple music.  It’s lovely.  There actually aren’t a lot of Frozen songs – it just has a lot of current and classic “cartoon” Disney songs and not the current tween-bop Disney Channel songs.

2. Eating

Guacamole.  We found a restaurant in our new town that serves the BEST guacamole.  Like all we want to do is go just for the table-side guacamole.  However, we’re also limiting our eating out right now, so the last time we went, I watched closely while they made the guac and I have since bought my own molcajete (mortar and pestle) and have been attempting to duplicate the recipe. Apparently the current verdict is “not too bad – it’s close”.   In the meantime I’ll work on it.  I wish we had a little carniceria like we did back home where I could always find perfectly ripe avocados.  I feel like here it’s always hit or miss.

3. Drinking

Diet Dr. Pepper.  Probably too much of it, but it’s getting me through…

4. Wearing

Jeans and t-shirts.  Most of my “career clothes” haven’t been touched since they were unpacked and hung in the closet.

5. Feeling

Homesick.  I miss my people.

6. Weather

Gorgeous.  Seriously, the weather has been absolutely beautiful.  I can’t get over how the lower humidity affects the overall “feel” of the air.

7. Wanting

All the things.  I have an ongoing list of wants for the new house.  Some are small like decor vinyl pieces for the kitchen and other things are larger like furniture pieces.  For the most part I’m being a good girl and waiting until we don’t own two houses.

8. Needing

A job.  I wish I didn’t, but I do.  I’m submitting 1-2 applications daily.  Praying that the perfect opportunity will come to me soon and that I can do something I enjoy.

9. Thinking

About a topic for 31 Days of blogging in October.  Still not certain I can pull it off, but I’m thinking about it.

10. Enjoying

My back yard.   (This is related to number 6).  I love drinking a cup of coffee out there in the mornings and occasional dips in the pool in the warm afternoons. Of course, our nice relaxing time in the pool yesterday abruptly came to a halt when a SNAKE swam past Mallory and I had to get out and extract said snake from the pool.  (It was only a small garden snake, but it pretty much gave her a heart attack when it hit her foot – and I can’t say I blame her).  I do have a few plans to add some plants to the bed by my pool.  One of my favorite things about my backyard is watching the hummingbirds, so I want to be sure and keep them around with hummer-friendly plants.

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