Monday Musings

Flower Mound does not have an H-E-B.  This is quite depressing.  I’ve been trying to decide where to shop for groceries ever since I’ve gotten here.  I’ve been to 5 different stores and none of them feel like “my store” yet.  I went to the grocery store yesterday on a Sunday afternoon and it wasn’t even crowded.  I miss my crazy H-E-B.

We have only eaten out 3 times since we’ve moved in three weeks ago.  THREE.  You guys — this is huge for me.  Let’s pray I can keep it up once I find a job.  Meals still aren’t ideal… been going for comfort foods and inexpensive meals, but hey – I’m cooking!

My youngest made the volleyball team at her new school.  Her first game is today.  She spent a lot of her weekend practicing overhand serving.

One of my dear friends sent me a gift certificate for an 80-minute massage and I redeemed it last Friday.  Oh. My. Blessings.  It was so lovely.  I can’t even begin to tell you.  This week our crazy comes back with a vengeance.  We have stuff going on every day/night.   I need more massages in my life!

It’s so hard to watch your kids hurt.  Moving is yucky.

I can’t even explain how much I love watching the hummingbirds in my back yard.  They make me want to go out and plant all the things that attract hummingbirds.  They chirp!  Who knew?

It’s such a small world.  So amazing all the people you meet with connections that you know.  Especially in the church.

We bought a monstrous big red dog floatie on clearance when we were needing pool toys to use as beds before we had furniture.  We named him Clifford.

I don’t know much else… hoping to meet some parents this week at Volleyball/Theatre/Choir activities.  I’m both looking forward to it and dreading being social.  It’s the plight of the social introvert.  Have a great week friends!

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