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You guys!  I had so much fun with the Mothers’ Day posts!  Thank you to everyone who participated.  I had no idea so many awesome moms would be willing to share.  It just shows me how much we need to validate our fellow moms.  It’s hard work, and you ALL deserve recognition.

Frixion pens are some of my favorite pens.  They are truly erasable – not just semi-erasable like the Bic pens that we used to buy in middle school in the 80s.  I also like the way they write.  Anyway, I just found some Frixion MARKERS that are exclusive to Target.  They are awesome.  You’re welcome.

My kids are awesome and I wouldn’t trade them for anything, but my Mothers’ Day ended with me hiding in the back yard for a Mommy Time Out because I couldn’t handle being asked to go to Target One. More. Time.  Just keeping it real.

I love the “On This Day” app on Facebook except for one thing.  It constantly is bringing up pictures from my gardening days.  Since I’ve gone back to work, I had to get rid of the garden.  The only thing left from my fabulous garden from a few years ago is a huge grape vine and random cilantro that pops up in the yard.  It makes me sad.  But the grape vine has one large cluster of grapes on it this year.  We might actually get to eat some fruit off it for the first time!  Let’s hope the birds don’t get them first.

I also don’t let Kevin cut the grass behind the garage until the bluebonnets go to pod… so it’s been a while.  I’m sure there are snakes hanging out back there.

We have a family of ducklings that hang out at our house because my kids love to feed them.  What started out as 11 ducklings and a mama is now down to four teenage ducklings.  The circle of life is not nice to ducklings in our neighborhood.  The ones that are left are so funny though.  They come up to the back door and start “talking” asking for food.  Drives our cats crazy!

We are on the home stretch as far as end-of-school events.  10 days left of school.  In that time we have a band concert, Production Theatre meeting for next year’s varsity theatre, Choir Pop show, end-of-school awards for 6th graders, Senior Sunday, our first Legally Blonde rehearsal, two talent shows and a Choir Banquet.  WHEW!  I can do this!!

My eldest is running for choir council (choir officers for next year).  Her whole platform is based on nerdiness and I love it.  Look at her cute posters!



Now to go figure out what edible bribes we are going to prepare for 300 choir kids…

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  1. Joanna Buchanan May 15, 2017 at 5:13 pm #

    Laura, thank you for your mom interviews. I read something that really spoke to my heart! They were all fun to read.

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