Monday Musings

Hello out there… anyone still here?  It’s a good thing that blogging isn’t my job because I’m not very good at it lately…

This post has changed my life.  I stumbled across it last fall and asked for an Aeropress and a Milk Frother for Christmas and my sweet mother obliged.  Let me just tell you, I can never appreciate a regular cup of coffee again.  It’s my indulgence.  Cream, coffee & no sugar.  SO. GOOD.

Speaking of no sugar, today is day 88 of my 90 day sugar fast!  I did it in conjunction with a Bible in 90 days reading.  Almost there!

So, I’m finally recovering from our last Praise and Harmony recording that took place the latter part of our Spring Break week.  This is the 6th recording (and 7th album) that my husband and I have had the privilege to be involved in.  This time, however, our congregation was the host church, and I had a lot of extra responsibilities!  These recordings are always such a blessing to me and I leave on a spiritual high.  Singing with fellow Christians who also enjoy singing is one of my favorite things to do!

Somewhat related,  I spent a large part of my middle school and high school years listening to Acappella cassette tapes (later CDs).  I never in a million years would have believed then that as an adult I’d be on a first name basis with Keith Lancaster, aka Church of Christ rock star.  So, that’s kind of cool – and my kids agree.

I’ve been spending some time walking around a pond that’s been set up with a great running trail. There are a bunch of white pelicans that have made their home there as well as lots of other water birds and even some bald eagles!  I have enjoyed having some God time appreciating the beauty while I walk.

My youngest has had a rough couple of weeks.  We have updated her panel of food allergies and have learned about some new ones.  The child is allergic to a LOT and her reservations about eating new foods has turned her into a picky eater.  We’re visiting with a dietitian to help figure out what exactly she can eat that will help her get enough nutrients and stay healthy.  She’s had a good attitude so far, but it’s still been a frustrating process for her.

Oops!  Wrote this yesterday but forgot to post… so it’s technically Monday Musings on a Tuesday again.  :)  Have a great remainder of the week, friends.

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