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Being a mom is hard – no matter what stage you’re in.  It bothers me when seasoned moms make light of new mom struggles. Just because you mastered it, and you’re looking at that period of life through your now-rose-colored classes doesn’t mean that it wasn’t hard when you were in the midst of it!

Those of you who know me know that I am all about being “real”.  I am quick to point out my flaws and share the “messy” with my friends. And it goes both ways — I love knowing that my friends aren’t all Pinterest Moms who have it all together. (Nothing wrong with Pinterest Moms either — you guys are awesome!)

I love listening to “mom stories”.  It occurred to me the other day as I was listening to a podcast interview that I had a great platform here to showcase some of my favorite “real moms”.  Several ladies have agreed to participate, so over the weekend, I’ll be sharing their interviews with you.  I’ll put a link to each of these in this post, so there will be one easy place to find them all! I hope reading them will be fun and inspiring for you.  Reading them was certainly a blessing for me.  Happy Mothers’ Day!




Brittney3Brittney Judy2Judy
Kelly2Kelly Julie2Julie



Caitlin2Caitlin Allison2Allison

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