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Happy Mothers’ Day Weekend!  This week I have had the privilege of interviewing some of my favorite moms.  Caitlin and I attend church together and have kids all close to the same age.  She always has a ready smile and has a beautiful voice. I love hearing her sing!


How many children do you have and what are their ages?

I have 3 children: 15, 13, 11

How did you come up with the names of your children?

We wanted out first born to be an Indian name because Dusty is 100% American Indian and we wanted to represent the heritage: Dakota. We wanted the other two names to be biblical: Nathanael (spelled the biblical way, most spell it wrong) and Dinah.

What is a book that you like to give as a gift?

I’m not much of a reader so the only book I have ever gifted was the Bible to my 3 children.

What is your favorite “go-to” recipe?

If you ask my kids what I make that they love the most it would be baked macaroni and cheese.

What is a quality you admire in your own mother?

I admire my mother’s ability to put a child over her worldly possessions. If her child or a grandchild breaks something that I know is precious to her she would always just shrug it off, hug the child, and say they were worth more to her than that object.

What one product would you give a new mom?

A loud fan!!! All of my babies slept through the night since they were 3 weeks old because of a loud fan.

What advice would you give to a mom of a Kindergartner?

Kindergarten is fun!! Let it be what it is.

If you could choose a gift to receive for Mothers’ Day, what would it be?

To snuggle with my hubs and three babies on the couch and watch a Disney movie with snacks and sodas at arm’s reach.

List 5 of your favorite things.

My kids’ laughter when they are hanging out together, television, chocolate, naps, and fall weather.

Share a favorite parenting memory.

One of my favorite parenting moments is with Nathanael. This took place in our small country church in Louisiana when he was about 6. I was listening to the sermon while he was on his knees on the floor in front of the pew playing with his action figures. As I am listening the preacher says something profound and I say, “Amen”. I actually said it twice. He looked at me and whispered, ” why do you keep saying amen?”. I smiled and ducked down to whisper in his ear, “Amen means you are agreeing with what the preacher is saying”. He just shook his head and proceeded to play. About 10 minutes passed and the preacher said, “I’m going to wrap this up with a quick thought because I know everyone is ready to go home,” Nathanael says loudly, “Amen!”. Lol. I nearly fell out of my seat .

Thank you for sharing, Caitlin!  Your memory made me laugh!

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