Make your own Vanilla Extract

Did you know you can make your own vanilla extract?  It’s easy!

What you’ll need:

Clear, sealable jars (I used mason jars, of course).
3 vanilla beans per 1 cup of vodka (I used 80 proof).
A husband to go to the liquor store for you.

What to do:

Split the beans with a knife or kitchen shears all the way to the tip, but not in two.

Load the beans into the jar – three beans for every cup of vodka.  I’m planning to make some for gifts, so I used a lot.

Then, cover them with the vodka:

That’s ALL you do.  See how easy?!  You need to store the jars in a cool dark place, and give the jars a good shake every now and then.

After 2 months, the vanilla extract should be ready to use.  Look how pretty and dark:

I plan on straining out the vanilla beans and putting them into cute little glass jars to give as Christmas gifts.  (If you’re on my list of recipients, just act surprised!)  However, you can also just leave it in the jar, continuing to add vodka every now and then when the jar gets low.  You’ll have a neverending supply of your own vanilla to use that’s so much better than the jar that comes from the store!


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  1. Brady November 18, 2011 at 9:51 am #

    If you don’t already have jars to put your vanilla in I got mine from for really cheap.

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