Late Monday Musings

Yes, it’s late, but it’s still Monday!  We were traveling most of the day, so I’m allowing myself a bit of grace.

We went to Tyler this weekend for my cousin’s wedding.  It was a beautiful outdoor wedding, sandwiched in-between rainstorms.  The bride was beautiful.  I was so glad the weather cooperated for her.


My Dad’s whole family lives in Tyler, so we visited there a lot as a child.  One of my favorite places to eat was a hole-in-the-wall pizza place called Bruno’s.  I tried taking my family there for lunch on Sunday, but they were closed.  So very sad.  Fortunately, they’ve opened a second location that was open, so we went there.  It was good, but not completely the same.

On a whim, hubby decided to take the girls on the “long route” home, so the girls could visit the headquarters of one of their favorite shows, Duck Dynasty.

duckdynRecognize it?  Unfortunately, their usually open gift shop was closed for remodeling this week, so we just got to hang around outside the warehouse for a few minutes.  The girls were still excited, though, and pointed out all sorts of places they had seen in the episodes.

If you notice on the Toolbar Menu above, there’s a new link for my 31 Days project!  The first recipe has been tried and tested, and will be posted in the morning!  Be sure to join me this month as I cook my way through my Pinterest board!   It should be fun!

I’m considering writing a book.  Right now it’s just a lot of notes and outlines and unwritten thoughts.  Maybe someday… who knows?

I got my fall decorations up on my mantle.  It only lacks a garland.  I got some yarn to make some crochet leaves, but the pattern and I didn’t get along quite well.  Now I’m considering pumpkins, but they need a little work as well.

Alright friends, I am calling it a night.  Much to get done before school tomorrow.  Have a great week, friends!

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