Kids, Kids, Everywhere!

It’s always fun for the Trains and Tutus to get together. Our kids really do play so well together.  We spent the entire day together and none of the kids had a single spat until around 5 pm when they started getting tired and hungry.  And even then, it was minor.

Look… we even got all SEVEN of our cuties to smile in the same picture!  (They’re in age-order, by the way).

What did we mamas do?  Well, other than feed a bunch of kids, try on each other’s clothing, fix each other’s hair and sit around eating [non-fattening] bon-bons all day, we recorded a little holiday video (coming later in the month to a blog near you) and did some fun brainstorming about the future of the Trains and Tutus blog.  We hope you have as much fun reading as we do writing and planning.

Oh, and my eldest daughter took this awesome picture of the two of us.

Aren’t we super-cute?  And modest too…


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