January Recap

January has come and gone.  I thought I’d give you a recap as to how my “Develop” goals went for the month.  As with most things, I had some good and some not-so-good results.

Spiritual Action Plan:

  • Our Bible study group will meet every other week.

Check.  LOVING our group!

  • I will be starting a daily Bible reading plan.

Check.  Missed a day here and there, but am currently caught up.

  • I will watch and study two Greek Lessons per month until I am caught up.

FAIL.  Didn’t watch either.  Technically, I could do at least one today and redeem myself a little.

  • I will write down 3 gifts per day that I am blessed with.

Check. 93 gifts recorded to date.

  • I will begin a study on prayer and apply what I learn.  Maybe have some sort of prayer challenge in February.  Not sure what that will look like yet. – 

FAIL.  Not doing better in this area.  And to be honest, I haven’t been focused on it either.

Personal Action Plan:

  • Read an average of 2 books per month.

Check.  Actually finished 4, so I’m ahead of schedule.

  • Schedule one night a month as date night.

FAIL.  Didn’t have a date night.

  • Dig a second garden bed, plan seed dates, plant dates, etc. and stick to the plan.

Partial Check – I have planned out my planting dates, but have not dug my second bed or gotten the current one ready for Spring.  This HAS to happen soon.

  • Log 1 hour of guitar practice per week.

FAIL.  Um, didn’t happen.  I maybe got in 1 hour the whole month.

  • Decide on a photography challenge and begin on it. 

Check.  Started Project 52.

  • Develop some sort of Patience Challenge for the month of May.

It’s not May yet.

  • Set writing goals/projects.

Um.. Forgot this was one of my goals?  FAIL.

  • Plan service projects twice a month for the girls.

Sadly, I failed at this one too.

Health Action Plan:

  • Lose at least 2.5 pounds per month via healthy eating and exercise.

Almost Check.  Overall I lost 2.2 pounds from Jan. 1 to Jan 31.  However, my weight fluctuated a lot, being down almost 6 lbs. at one point, so I still don’t feel too hot about this one.

  • Drink more water.

FAIL.  I blame my Keurig.

  • Research and sign up for 5K races – maybe in January, April, July & October.

FAIL.  Although I have slowly started jogging again.

  • Have food challenges, such as “No Sugar”, “No Fast Food”, “No Processed Food”, etc. that last for 1 month each.  (January is NO SUGAR).

No sugar went pretty well until hubby’s birthday on the 21st.  I made him a homemade creme brûlée cheesecake, and it went downhill from there.  February is no fast food. Let’s hope that goes a little better.

I won’t even bother discussing my “Home” goals, because I didn’t stick to any of them.  Although, I think I did keep up with laundry pretty well.

So, I did better in some areas, but there is definitely still room for improvement.

How about you?  Did you set yourself goals for the new year?


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