I love my mom!

So today I caved and bought the “box” Mac & Cheese.  You know, the kind with the yellow powder?  My kids love it, and I never make it, because it’s easier and healthier to make my own.  (Okay, so I really don’t know if it’s healthier, but it IS cheaper, so I’m telling myself it’s better for them).  I digress.

Anyway, it’s a treat for my kids to have boxed mac & cheese.  As I started boiling the water today, I had a conversation with my oldest that went something like this:

M:  “Are you going to make it like Nana’s?”
Me:  “Yes.  Nana just uses the directions on the box.”
M:  “No she doesn’t.  She makes it better.  She does something special to it.”
Me: “I watched Nana make Mac & Cheese for many years.  In fact, she taught me how to make it, and I’m pretty sure she just used the box directions.”
M:  “No, she does something to it that makes it better.  Her mac & cheese is better than when you even use the box.  Please call her and ask her what she does.”
Me:  “She just uses the box.”
M:  “No she doesn’t mom.  PLEASE just call her!!”

So, as it was the hour of my mom’s lunch break, I call her.  As it turns out, she does add a little something extra (more cheese) occasionally.  But for the record, sometimes she does just use the box instructions.  And my kids have eaten it that way at her house.  So there.  I told the kids it was just the extra love that Nana put into the pot that makes it better.  Okay, and sometimes a little extra cheese.   (To which my oldest child exclaimed “I knew it!”)  I did go ahead and throw in some extra Velveeta to the pot.  The kids gobbled it up.

I call my mom for things like this all the time.  For random questions on recipes.  For gardening advice.  To ask how to thread a bobbin or to increase crochet sizes.  To tell her something funny one of the kids said.

Even though my mom lives about 45 minutes away, I don’t see her as often as I should.  Being able to call her during the week for random things helps me feel closer to her, though.  I feel blessed that we have the technology to do so.  It also makes me appreciative.  I feel for those women who no longer have the ability to just call mom and ask her something simple.  Many women would love to be able to have that luxury.  It makes me sad to think that someday I may not.  Of course, my mom is healthier than I am, so I’m not feeling this is an immediate threat or anything… I just know that I shouldn’t take her for granted.  And I don’t.

Love you mom.

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  1. Stephanie Mack January 11, 2012 at 8:57 am #

    Your mom is the best and deserves lots of praise!
    I too am very blessed to have my mom close and always a call away. Thank you for the reminder that it is a blessing and others do not have such a luxury!

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