Holiday Vandals

“Mom, can we make this a yearly tradition?!”

It was quite a change from the attitude a few hours earlier.  When my almost-12 year old saw we were going to decorate friends’ driveways with sidewalk chalk for our advent activity that day, she turned up her nose a little.  It didn’t sound like that much fun…

The other two were excited.

“Can we go right now?!”

“Can we do so-and-so’s house?”

“I can’t wait!”

So, we loaded up the car and stocked up on sidewalk chalk.  We planned what we were going to draw, and before you knew it, even my eldest was in the spirit of things.  Our first stop was a family whose mom works from home… the girls were just SURE she was going to walk outside and catch them in the act!  They were so cute trying to keep their giggles to a whisper.

We saw a few rainclouds and they were worried their work would be in vain.  But I think the rain held off.

The girls chose whom the recipients would be.  About half-way through the houses, they decided to start writing “Love, Santa’s Elves” instead of using their names as they had in the beginning.  They were so excited thinking about the families coming home to find their Christmas greetings… and so cute “sneaking” around so not to get caught being graffiti artists.

Our recipients were all very gracious and no one complained about the art work.  The girls couldn’t wait to hear from anyone who got home and found their surprises!

Me?  I loved the activity.

  • My kids were excited to be doing something for someone else.
  • They were thinking of others.
  • They were getting along.
  • We were spreading Christmas Joy!

What’s not to love?

All for the cost of a little gas and a box of sidewalk chalk.


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  1. Debi Kirksey December 11, 2012 at 3:47 pm #

    Love this idea–fun for everyone involved!

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