Hair Coloring with Henna

This was one of my high school senior pictures:IMG_3846.JPG Yep, that was my natural hair color.  It was a gorgeous shade of auburn/copper red.  I’ve always identified myself as a redhead, yet as I got older and had children, my hair became darker and darker.  I tried dyeing it for a while, but I never found the right shade of “red” that was my red, and plus the upkeep was expensive, so I just went dark (and *ahem* a little gray) naturally.  So, if you didn’t know me when I was younger, you never would have known I was a redhead!

So, I came across THIS product on the LUSH website.  I love LUSH.  Their bath bombs are one of the things I indulge on if I have extra birthday or Christmas money to spend.

Anyway, back to the henna.  It’s an all-natural, non-chemical way to color your hair, and it’s supposed to bring out nice red hues.  I read every single review plus some others out there on the internet, and decided to take the plunge.

First of all, don’t do this alone!  I can’t imagine the mess it would make trying to do all this by myself.  Make sure you have lots of gloves!

Step One:  Grate the henna.  I used all 6 blocks for my hair, and it was the perfect amount.

IMG_3824.JPGStep Two:  Keeping the henna warm over a double broiler, you add boiling water.  (I also added some lemon juice).  You want the consistency of yogurt, not pudding.


Step Three:  Put vaseline around your hairline.  I added cotton around the edges to help keep the henna from dripping.


Step Four:  Keeping the mess to a minimum, mom added all the nice goop all over the hair and roots while I leaned back over the sink.


Step Five:  Wrap head in plastic.  It looks quite lovely.  Wait 3 hours.  Do something productive, or just visit with your sweet mama.


Step Six:  After three hours, you have to rinse it out.  It takes a while, because it hardens quite a lot.


Step Seven: Shampoo, Condition, Dry & Squeal.  I was so pleased with the color!

The official before/after:


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