Guest Post: Six Fun Farm Animal Books for Babies or Toddlers

Today we have a guest post from Jessica of the Quirky Bookworm.  Jessica is a mom of two young girls who runs a bookish sort of blog.  I have read her blog for a while, but recently have gotten to “know” her better by participating in her YA Book & Movie club this year.  Today, she shares with us some of her favorite Farm Animal books!


Farm animals words


Farm animal books are pretty ubiquitous. But so many of them are also monotonous, especially if you’re reading aloud to a small child who wants you to read a book over and over, “Cow says moo, pig says oink, horse says neigh, and herewegoagain.”
But over the years I’ve found several that are actually really cute, and that I don’t mind reading multiple times. So I thought I’d share a few of our favorites with you.


Who Said Moo?

This is toddler mystery at its finest. Rooster gets up on top of the barn and yells, “Cock-a-doodle-doo!” as he does early every morning. But this time someone says, “Moo!” and Rooster goes on a quest to find out who it was. He asks the pig and the donkey and the cat, and they all deny saying moo. Then, finally, he asks the cow. My daughter loved this one at age 1, and still occasionally wants me to read it now that she’s 4.


No Sleep for the Sheep!

All the poor, tired sheep wants is some sleep. But then “QUACK!” he’s awakened. And the parade of noisy animals continues, while the insomniac sheep gets grumpier and grumpier. I particularly like the illustrations in this one, because the sheep’s cranky face cracks me up. We read this one over and over last summer; I’d say it’s perfect for the 3 year old crowd.


Higgledy-Piggledy Chicks

Banty Hen gives birth to seven little chicks. But the higgledy-piggledy chicks are curious, and are always getting into trouble (finding snakes, encountering a cat, etc). Luckily there are auntie hens to help Banty Hen watch the higgledy-piggledy chicks. This one is probably best for age 4 and up, because there are words and themes that need explaining (like “broody”, or what a raccoon would do to a chick…).


Farmyard Beat

Chicks can’t sleep. Chicks can’t sleep. Chicks can’t sleep ’cause they got that beat! This rhyming, rhythmic book is a ton of fun, has vivid illustrations, and is a blast for the 2-3 year old crowd. I wrotea longer review of it a few years ago.


The Animals of Farmer Jones

I loved this book as a baby myself! It was the first book my parents ever bought me, and I basically have it memorized. The animals are hungry, but Farmer Jones is nowhere to be seen. “The horse stamps in his stall. Nei-g-hh, nei-g-hh,” says the horse. “I want my supper.” But where is Farmer Jones? Great for babies and toddlers, it tells all the animal noises, and what kind of food they all eat. And, it’s illustrated by Richard Scarry!


Little Blue Truck

This one isn’t precisely about farm animals; it’s about a friendly, caring truck. But the truck is friends with a bunch of farm animals, and the book is full of happy illustrations. And bonus (as a parent who’s said OINK, one too many times), you get to say things like “Vroom!” and “Beep!” in addition to animal sounds. Plus, every kid I’ve ever met likes this one; perfect for babies through preschoolers.

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