Garden Pests & Other Garden Updates

What’s a garden without pests, right?

Well, now that I’ve got my garden growing… I’ve had two kinds of pests pop up so far.  The first is these little buggers…

They’re obviously some kind of caterpillar, and they’ve been eating some holes in some of the vegetables.  They don’t seem to prefer one kind over another… all little leaves have been subject to a few holes.  So far, my remedy for these is to sic my three daughters on them.  They still are enjoying finding caterpillars, and most end up in a jar.  Which is fine, as long as they are no longer chewing on my vegetable leaves!  Since I haven’t had a HUGE infestation, this is all I’m going to do about them for now.  I’m trying to avoid insecticides, etc if at all possible.  Don’t want to kill the “good” bugs.

The second evidence of pests are leaves that look like this:

After extensive research (ie: posting the pic to Facebook and saying ‘Help ~ what is this’) I found that these patterns found in leaves are from Leaf Miners… which after real research I found are little larvae of various sorts, that just eat their way through the leaf.  Again, since I haven’t had too many of these, I have just removed the infected leaves from the garden and am hoping for the best.

In other garden news, my neighbor (the amazing baker next door) has a garden that looks 5 bajillion times better than mine, and my kids now think ours is puny.  And in all honesty, ours does look like Charlie Brown’s Christmas tree next to hers.  But, as I’ve told them, this is our first year, and we are new at this.  And believe it or not, we will have vegetables too!  (I hope!)

We have also planted some fun projects for the girls.  We’re planning a bean teepee and a sunflower house.  We planted sunflowers and moonflowers on the perimeter of the soil seen below, and when our sunflowers get high enough, we’ll connect the tops together to make a “house.”

And here, we’ve planted green beans and morning glories at the base of each bamboo pole, and in-between, where we’ll add some garden string for them to climb on and make a leafy teepee:

So hopefully by summer, we’ll have some fun places for the girls to play in!  They are very excited about them.  We spent almost a whole day planning, digging, weeding and planting these.  So, they’ve invested some “work” into them and can’t wait to reap the rewards.

And remember the pumpkin plants that came up on their own?  Well, they’re doing better than anything we’ve planted on purpose.  Here’s a shot of one of the plants from this morning:

Having fun in our garden!  ~Mama Tutu

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