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Garden3-28-2This week in the garden…

  • I harvested my first leaves of lettuce from the Spring Garden for a salad.
  • I thinned the squash and cucumber seedlings down to one per “spot” and put toilet paper tubes around the base of the squash seedlings to hopefully help protect them from vine borers later in the season.
  • I re-worked my soaker hose in the new beds.  I didn’t feel like they were covering all the areas well.
  • Broccoli seeds pods are starting to harden finally.  I plan to “harvest” some of them next week for seeds.  Then the broccoli plants will be coming up to make room for okra in April.
  • Identified a milkweed assassin bug in the garden (photo below).  I’ve been meaning to look these guys up for a while.  They’re actually beneficial bugs to have in the garden, as they eat flies, mosquitoes & even tomato hornworms!  They look a lot like juvenile stink bugs, though, so that’s why I wanted to be sure they were the good bugs before I left them there… because those stink bugs will wreck havoc on tomatoes!  I found that stink bugs will usually be plentiful, several hanging out together, while the assassin bug is solitary.  I guess I’ll let him stay!
  • Bean and potato plants are growing like crazy.  Tomatoes haven’t really seemed to take off yet, but I’ve only lost one or two so far.  They look healthy, just aren’t growing too fast.  I’m sure that will change once it heats up a little.
  • Saw a SNAKE.  Yes, and not a tiny little grass snake, either, a 2 foot long, fast little zippy fella.  I didn’t have time, what with all the squealing I was doing,  to take a picture before he quickly slithered off, but my neighbor saw him a couple of days later.  I think it’s some kind of ribbon or garter snake.  This picture is from her…







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