Garden Chronicles

This week in the garden:

  • Finally picked my first squash (it was a cute round lemon squash)!
  • Squash Borer – 2, Mama Tutu – 1.  I lost 2 plants to the dreaded vine borer, but saved one!  I managed to cut the borer out of the squash and replant without separating the vine completely from the root system.  Yay me!  I’ve been putting dirt mounds around the base of the other squash plants to hope to deter more.
  • Okra seedlings are finally growing — I had a very poor germination rate on my okra this round.  I need to plant some more this week.
  • Cantaloupe and watermelon vines are growing and blooming.
  • Peppers are plentiful.
  • More tomatoes are starting to ripen.
  • Lettuce is bolting.
  • Sour gherkin plant is starting to really take off up the vine.  Finally have some tiny blooms.







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