Friday Four ~ Medical Edition

1. Two doctors appointments this past week.  Believe it or not, it seems to be settling down.  Yesterday, the doctor called me “good girl!” for losing ten pounds since my last visit (about a month ago).  Which was funny, because I didn’t even know I’d lost them.  I mean, I know I feel like I haven’t been able to eat anything (see my lament here), but it hadn’t seemed to me like I’d lost anything at all, so at least there was one pleasant surprise from the visit.

2. I finally got my results from my 5 hour glucose tolerance test.  I went too high in the second hour and way too low in the third… showing what I’ve known since high school, that I’m hypoglycemic.  He told me I had an intolerance to insulin and that after my surgery we would be addressing that with a medication to help balance my insulin levels.

3. My last MRI was “unremarkable”, which is a good thing.  I also got my second Lupron shot this week (nice hot flashes as a side effect).  As far as my Endo doctor goes, I am good to go for surgery and don’t have to see him again until my pre-op appointment.

4.  My poor sweet redhead is having a hard time dealing with the upcoming surgery.  Because I want them to know what to expect, I’ve explained to the kids everything that the surgeons are going to do and what they can expect as far as my recovery.  It’s going to be a long surgery (possibly around 8 hours), and she’s worried that something will go wrong and that I’m going to die on the operating table.  I’ve tried to assure her that these doctors are the best in their field and do this all the time, that the surgery is a good thing for me,  that I’ll feel so much better after my recovery is over, and that I’m trusting that God will take care of me.  She’s still not convinced.  If you feel so inclined, please say a prayer for her sweet spirit.


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  1. Monica Savage April 13, 2015 at 10:46 am #

    Thinking about you and praying for you and the girls. Let us know if we can help.

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