Fluffy to Fabulous: Week 22 – Musings

Good Morning!

I have some Friday Fluffy to Fabulous Musings today: like Mama Tutu!!

Over the past 22 weeks, I have lost about 13 pounds! But, I’ve gained back one. :(

When I’m good; I’m really, REALLY good. When I’m bad; I’m really, REALLY bad. I struggle with extremes. If I am feeling stressed and just want to eat: I EAT A LOT. Yuck. Especially if there is dessert around. Or candy.

I am loving my lighter self. I’m not uncomfortable in my clothes. I don’t obsess over feeling “fat.” Maybe I’m loving it too much because my motivation to reach my goal has dwindled somewhat.

I felt really yucky after Easter until a couple of days after when I had been back on the plan. It’s the first time I’ve really noticed and thought it could be the excess sugar intake that could be making me feel bad. Funny, I know. Denial can be sweet (no pun intended).

Fluffy to FabulousMy current weight is: 163ish. My ultimate goal is between 145 and 150. My short term goal is to be below 160.

I feel like I have come a long way. I know what works: counting calories and leaning on my support group. I also know that I am still and will probably always struggle with excess. It will always take effort. I just love to eat WAY too much!

So, you all know that I LOVE a challenge. I know in the last 14 Day Challenge I flaked out. I like to blame that on my trip to see Mama Tutu. :) So, I want this challenge to be a little biGGER.

Let’s call today Day 1 of…………………………….The 21 Day Challenge!!!!

The only way to get this weight off is to eat the right amount of calories for an extended period of time. Not just 3 or 4 days at a time. If you want to join me, that’s AWESOME! If not, please encourage me. :) I’ll be posting my progress on the blog and the F2F Facebook Group.

Watch out!

~Mama Train

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