Fluffy to Fabulous: Week 16

Fluffy to FabulousGreetings, and all that good stuff!

First things first. After 16 weeks of working toward my Fabulous goal, my current weight is:

162.8 lbs

That is a total weight loss of 12.2 lbs from my starting weight of 175 lbs. It isn’t a drastic weight loss like on the Biggest Loser, BUT it is a huge victory for a regular ole’ girl who does not have a nutritionist or personal trainer on staff. Even greater than the numbers is how I feel physically, mentally, and especially all the great personal interactions on the Flulffy to Fabulous Facebook Group (it’s not too late to join us!).

I caught a small part of an interview of Jillian Michael’s the other day, and she said something that really stuck with me. Basically, she emphasized that losing weight does not have to be complicated. It is really very simple. You don’t need a special diet. You just have to stick to two basic principles. Take in less calories and move more!!!

This is not rocket science, people! If you want to adhere to a specialized diet and it works for you, that is awesome. And don’t get me wrong, I think it is very important to make smart food choices, avoiding packaged and processed foods as much as possible. But, if you are not in a place where you can manage a complicated diet plan, just keep it simple. Start tracking those calories. Get movin’. I promise, when you start counting calories, you figure out pretty quick that the bad foods cost a LOT of calories. I for one like to eat more, so I tend to make better food choices so that I don’t get hungry during the latter part of the day. And although I have yet to start exercising regularly, moving more means more calories you can eat!

To sum it up: Find what works for YOU. If Paleo works for you, own it! If Weight Watchers is your thing, rock it out! If using myfitnesspal is giving you results, then use that. Keep it simple and enjoy the journey. I am!

~Mama Train

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