Fluffy to Fabulous: Week 14

Fluffy to FabulousFor week 14 of my Fluffy to Fabulous journey, here is:

The Top 10 Reasons why Mama Train is not as gazelle intense on Week 14 of her weight loss journey as she was during Weeks 1-10ish(sorry about the long title):

10. She finally figured out how to make yeast breads (i.e. pizza dough, rolls, breadsticks, sandwich bread….)

9. She started making homemade snacks for her boys instead of buying the expensive prepackaged ones (i.e. rice crispy treats, homemade granola bars, homemade chex mix…)

8. She has started giving herself more frequent days off from the plan.

7. When she does indulge, she doesn’t make a plan like she did for Thanksgiving and Christmas to not count calories, but to eat ONE reasonably sized serving of the yummies.

6. Ice Cream. Period.

5. She is rewarding herself with food above and beyond her calorie allowance at the end of long days.

4. She is turning to food when stressed.

3. She is actually quite happy at her current weight. Her clothes are loose(not lose).

2. She no longer has back and joint pain. Yay!

1. She is not obsessing about her weight 24/7.

All joking aside, it seems that at this point in the game, staying focused on the goal can be difficult! I have lost 11 pounds, but I would still like to lose 14 more. I talk myself into overindulging because, after all, I AM skinnier than I was 3 months ago. And, I really don’t care about looking like a supermodel mom. I just don’t. But, the problem with that is, the weight can come back way quicker and easier than it comes off. And I DON’T want to be back where I started.

So all of this to say, I need your encouragement! Can anybody else relate? And, if so, what are WE going to do about it?! You are correct in interpreting this as a cry for H.E.L.P.

~Mama Train

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