Fluffy to Fabulous: Day 1

Today, I started what I hope will be for me an awesome journey to health and fitness. I’ve gathered a group of friends who want to make the journey with me, and I’m hopeful that with their encouragement, I can drop this extra weight and start feeling FABULOUS!!

I have tried and failed so many times to lose this weight, and it finally occurred to me that I can’t do it alone. Just like reading the Bible in 90 Days, I am only ever successful when I have a group to be accountable to. So last night I sent out a plea on Facebook for some friends to join me on this journey. I had several positive responses, so I also set up a private Facebook group called “Fluffy to Fabulous” (thanks for coming up with the name Papa Train). If you’d like to join us, leave me a message in the comments. :)

I’ll write more in the days to come about HOW I plan to lose the weight; but today, I want to share the WHY.

I want to lose weight because:

  1. I want my body to stop hurting.
  2. I want to be able to play soccer or tag with my 4 boys.
  3. I want to have more energy.
  4. I want to live a long time and spend time with my grandchildren.
  5. If God wills it and we become pregnant again, I want to do that in a healthy body.
  6. I want to look HOT for hubs. :)
  7. I want to stop using food as a stress reliever and I want to lean on God for help.

I am proud to say that on Day 1, I stayed within my calorie goal and drank lots of water. I did want to eat more and felt a little hungry at times, BUT the water really helped and I kept thinking about my group of friends that I didn’t want to let down. It was a good day, yet I know that keeping it up will take lots of work, self-control and encouragement from our group.

I will also be vlogging about my journey on The Battle of Wills YouTube channel, so go check it out!

Starting weight: 175 lbs (Yep. I put down THE NUMBER!)

Check out my HOT before pic!!!!

Fluffy to Fabulous




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