DIY Heart Basket

Recently, I was asked to do a preview of this project for a possible craft for our version of Vacation Bible School.  Making a basket out of old newspapers is actually quite cool, and the girls enjoyed it.  I decided to try my own pattern, of course making it more difficult by adding the element of a heart shape.

First, I recommend you watch the video to see the basic premise.

Here is my version…

First, make up a bunch of the newspaper sticks:


I cut two hearts out of a cereal box, and glued the sticks on the inside of the hearts like so.  I put small hand weights on them and let the heart/sticks dry overnight.  In the morning, I started the “basket part:


Continuing around, I didn’t do in/out/in/out like the round basket.  I always went to the “inside” of the center of the heart.  I also used clothespins at each stick to keep everything in place as I went.


In the end, I did most of the edges as she did in the original basket tutorial, but I had this long piece for the top/center of the heart.  I glued down both sides of this, and pushed it into the middle as much as possible.


It was a little hard to keep the “heart” shape.  I used the dumbbells again to keep the heart squeezed in the shape I wanted it to end up.


After it was dry, I spray painted it red.  (My friend Rhonda would be so proud — she is the queen of spray paint).



Not exactly a “perfect heart”, but I’ve seen worse.


It looks better from the underneath…


But who’s counting?

Overall, I felt this was a fun little Valentine project.  It will be cute to stick a bag of conversation hearts or some chocolates in.


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