Current Teen Lingo ~ A Vocabulary Lesson

Every generation has its lingo I guess.  From “Groovy” to “Rad”, exclamations come and go with the times.  The current teenage generation is no different.  Here are some terms that are commonplace in my house of teens, and that are frequently heard in conversation among my kids and their friends:

Throw Shade – Basically, this is passive-aggressive trash talk.  Insulting someone subtly.  Example: “She was totally throwing shade at Jane when she was saying some people don’t have to cheat to get the grade.”

Extra – over the top, usually dramatically.  Example: When you make an after school snack for your children and put cute little umbrellas in their ginger ale you might get the comment, “Why are you so extra?

@ing – (pronounced “At-ting”) – It derived from using the @ sign in front of someone’s username on social media, but now just means to call someone out.  Example: “If someone wasn’t such a piggy maybe there would be cake left over.”  “Why are you @ing me?

Salty – Bitter, as in an irritated, sour mood.  Example: “I’m still salty that Susan got the lead in the show when I was better fit for the role.

Ship/OTP – To be onboard with two people being in a relationship.  This is a term that started in fan fiction.  Shipping means to be on board with the relationship of two characters.  OTP stands for “One True Pairing” as in soul mates.  It’s moved over to “mainstream” now.  Example: “Did you hear that David and Joan are dating?  I ship them!

Low-key – sort of.  Example: “I low-key want to dress up as Wonder Woman for Halloween, but that might be too extra.”  (See what I did there?)

This post has been approved by my 16 year old — although it resulted in heavy eye-rolling.

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