Our neighbor is a serious baker, and invited the girls over today for some cupcake decorating fun!  She stated that the first rule of decorating was to taste the cupcakes to make sure they were good enough to eat before decorating the rest.  My kids were definitely in agreement.

Next, the girls got to choose the color of icing they each wanted.  There was no want of colors to choose from!

Did I mention that she is SERIOUS about this baking thing?  The girls were in awe of her drawers and “cake closet.”  (She even has her own business – check it out HERE).

Next, we learned to swirl…

A little hard to manage with a non-dominant hand, but C did just fine.

We also learned to make cute little stars, and got to play with “disco dust”.

And practiced writing in icing…

And had LOTS of fun.

Piping icing into the center of the cupcakes was a highlight.

As with all good things there was a nice mess…

And LOTS of sugar.  The girls had SO much fun.  Thanks so much to Miss Saint!!

Some of the finished products:

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