Crock Pot FAIL.

I prepped THIS recipe Monday night and left it cooking in the crock pot yesterday morning when I left for work.   The smells were so good, and I was looking forward to coming home on our busy evening with minimal effort left in our meal.  I was just going to shred the beef and toast the buns…

So, I walk in the door, after work, after voting, before piano lessons and dance lessons and Bible study… my 11 year old is looking at the crock pot saying, “Mom, this meat is cold.”  UGH.  Somehow the crock pot had restarted, was flashing, and DIDN’T COOK ALL DAY.  Not only did I no longer have dinner ready — I had to throw out almost three pounds of meat that had been sitting out for 12 hours.  It hurt my feelings.

On a whim last week I grabbed a box of Hamburger Helper.  As I was cooking it (it became my backup plan) my eldest scrunched up her nose and said, “What IS that?”  I guess it’s a small parenting victory that my kids don’t know what Hamburger Helper is.  The not-so-victorious part is that hardly any of them ate it, so I also had to throw out half a pan of Hamburger Helper with my three pounds of roast while my kids ate popcorn and ramen noodles.

Some days are like that… even in Australia.

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