Couch to 5K Complete

Okay, so today I finished the last run in the Couch to 5K program.  I don’ t know if I technically can say I completed the program because I am not yet running a 5K stretch.  I can jog 30 minutes straight, which is a HUGE improvement for me… but the distance in that amount of time is more like 2 miles than 3.1 (which is 5K).  Here’s a collage of some of my runs.  I can’t believe I forgot to take a picture at the end of my run today, so instead I took one after I showered and sat down with my DDP…

So how did I do?  How do I feel about the whole Couch to 5K program?  I feel pretty good about it.  I really like the way they build you up with the interval runs.  The first time I had to run for 5 minutes without stopping I had a hard time.  I actually had to stop and build back up to that run again.  That was only a couple of months ago and now I can consistently jog for 30 minutes without feeling like I’m going to keel over.  To me, that’s great progress.  I’ve also been watching my calorie intake and with that plus the running I’ve lost 15 lbs.  And while I know I have a lot more to go, if you pick up a 15 lb. sack of potatoes, that’s a lot!  I have come to look forward to my runs.  CRAZY.  Although I actually still would not say I ENJOY running, I do feel good about pushing myself to exercise and do something I know is good for my body.  And since I’m competitive by nature, I like the “game” of trying to beat my previous times, etc. even when the whole time I’m jogging, I’m looking forward to it being over with.

I also enjoyed using the Get Running app a lot.  I liked having the nice British lady cheer me on and tell me when to run and when to walk.

So, what’s next?  I would like to still work up to running a distance of 5K in one stretch, and I would like to improve my average lap time for the 1 mile stretch.  After doing a little internet research on what is out there to do next, I’ve decided to use the Bridge to 10K  program.  It’s made to do after you have completed the Couch to 5K program and is meant to help you build endurance to get to 10K.  However, I’ll be happy just to get to the actual 5K for now.  It will put me back to some shorter intervals in the beginning, which I’m going to use to hopefully help me work on increasing my speeds.  The app also has the voice prompts which I’ve come to love, so that’s one of the reasons I chose this app/program over some of the others.

So, all in all, I’m pleased with my progress and I’m continuing to strive through my fitness goals for 2012.

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