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Mothers’ Day is fast approaching.  We were contacted by ProFlowers to write an article about celebrating our favorite moms!  Not only did they send me this beautiful arrangement, which I brought with me to have something cheery in my hospital room:


They also generously sent three additional arrangements to some of my favorite moms!  I wanted to take a moment and share with you the moms I chose, and why.

My friend, Karis

When I first met Karis, I thought that there was no way she could just be so sweet and good ALL the time.  She is such a Spirit-filled woman, and I truly have never heard an unkind word leave her mouth.  She is so patient with her children.  Her family motto is “We are blessed to be a blessing,” and her children already know and reflect that in their own little lives.

Recently, Karis’s family made a BIG change when she went from being a full-time Children’s Minister to being a stay-at-home mom.  The main reason for this switch was that she and her husband had felt led to foster care.  They went through the tedious process of being approved and certified and are now fostering two additional little brothers.  Her oldest is in Kindergarten, so as you can imagine, life at their house right now is a little crazy.


As is the case with many foster children, these did not come without issue.  It’s been a big adjustment for Karis and her family and she is fully “in the trenches” as a full time BOY MOM.  She is still the most gracious and loving person, and I admire her and her commitment to raising Godly men so much!

My Mother-in-Law

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it before on the blog or not, but my in-laws live right next door.  Yes, Right. Next. Door.  If I’m being honest, I would not say that I had no reservations when they moved in.   I saw my life flash before my eyes as an “Everybody Loves Raymond” episode.  However, it has been much more of a blessing to have them nearby than a curse!  It has actually been nice to have them so close.  My youngest goes next door almost every day to “play school” with Lita, or to work on some sewing project they are doing together.  All of my children have such a close relationship with all four of their grandparents that I didn’t have the privilege of enjoying when I was growing up.  My grandparents lived 5 and 9 hours away, so while I loved them and they loved me… it wasn’t the same as when you live 45 minutes away, or even next-door!


My mother-in-law is always willing to help out if I need anything, yet she’s never pushy or imposing.  She supports all my children’s activities and interests, and especially lately, picks up the kids from school if I have a doctor’s appointment or other engagement.  She’s spending every weekday afternoon for the rest of the school year picking up my children since I won’t be able to drive while recovering from surgery.  She’s let me know that whatever I need, she’s there for me.  Not all women can say that of their mothers-in-law.

My Mother

Words cannot even describe how wonderful my mother is.  She is the most selfless person I know.  She is always always serving, whether it’s her family or her church.  My mother was a stay at home mom until I was in college, where she went to work for our church as a secretary.  She made every birthday cake, came to every class party, made us clothes, kept us fed…  All. The. Things.  We had the most fun planning my wedding, because we were so close and like-minded on things.  She even made my wedding dress!


She has given me parenting advice when I asked for it, good advice to life-in-general, and is always helpful if I call her with a frantic cooking question… Like, “What do I set the oven for when I make a crunch?!?”  Plus, she’s just fun to be around.  I love the rare moments when we get to go shopping together or just hang out.


My mom works a full time job, helps babysit for my brother, who is a single dad, and spends a lot of time helping her own mother, who lives with my parents.  She never complains about how busy she is, she just takes it all in stride.  If I can claim to be half the mother or daughter she is, that would be saying something.  I am so proud to call her my mom.

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