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Two Minute Truth: Christmas in October?

Time for a Two Minute Truth with Mama Tutu…  

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Vlog: Making Fruit Crunch

Mama Tutu shares a quick and easy dessert recipe.  (Recipe HERE).

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Hallelujah Hour - Episode 3

Hallelujah Hour – Episode 3

  Amanda talks about parental sleep depravation. “All those people out there who don’t have children yet…enjoy the sleep…SAVOR the sleep!” Use hashtag #hallelujahhour

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Hallelujah Hour Episode 1

Hallelujah Hour Episode 1

Amanda “Mama Train” tells us about what the Hallelujah Hour is and why she hasn’t been blogging much (for the last 3 years). Bedtime is “like Whac-A-Mole, you get one down and another one pops up!” Use hashtag #hallelujahhour

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Our Kids Share Some Thoughts (a Video)

Our Kids Share Some Thoughts (a Video)

In honor of Mother’s Day, we would like to share a video with you!  Last month when the Trains came for a visit, we took a few minutes to interview each of the kids.  Without further ado, may I present the Trains and Tutus, answering questions about their two favorite moms… We hope you have a wonderful […]

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The Reading Rap

My girls were inspired by the Trains’ video from the other day and begged to do one of their own.  This is what we came up with.  The lyrics are written below in the post, as they can be a little hard to understand in some spots in the video.  The rap is based on books […]

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Harlem Shake


Mama Train breaks it down doing The Harlem Shake (HOMESCHOOL STYLE)! What creative projects do you do with your kids to have fun and spark their creativity?

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Yarn Projects and a Plea for Help!

A little video for you on this Wednesday morning.  Today we are showing off some of my late yarn projects and asking for some fashion advice!  Please take a look and weigh in with your opinion in the comments!  

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A Very Merry Greeting!

Mama Train and Mama Tutu recorded a special video just for you, our faithful few readers!  Enjoy!  

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Fluffy to Fabulous: Day 26

 Mama Train’s Smoothie (snack size) 4 oz. Mootopia (HEB) 2% 1 scoop whey protein powder 1/2 to 1 cup fruit (fresh or frozen) Blend it and enjoy! Check us out on Facebook! Ladies, send us a message if you would like to join the Fluffy to Fabulous Facebook group. Subscribe to our YouTube channel for […]

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