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31 Days of Menu Planning – Pinterest for Menu Planning

Hey guys!  So, both my husband and daughter fussed at me yesterday because my post was so bad… so I’m SORRY that I let everyone down.  Maybe I’ll have some more time to devote to the Harry Potter menu and redo it at some point.  I apologize to all you HP fans for it being […]

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31 Days of Meal Planning – Wizarding World Menu

So, our family is hugely into all things Harry Potter, and I thought it would be fun to create a HP-themed menu plan.  However, after thinking, browsing, and going down the HP-internet-rabbit-hole, I can’t come up with enough meals for an entire week.  Most of the cool-looking HP foods are sweets, and it wouldn’t be […]

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31 Days of Meal Planning – Finding Your Recipes

Does anyone even use cookbooks anymore in the day of the internet?  I do!  I love cookbooks!  I am more selective about buying them these days than I was 10 or 20 years ago, though – because, yeah, you can find most anything on the internet. So why buy cookbooks? If I buy a cookbook, […]

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31 Days of Menu Planning – Asian Week + Grocery List

So, I know this is probably a stretch, because my family is not too fond of seafood, so I had to choose meals they would actually eat to fit into this menu.  Because, hey – we’re going to eat all these meals!  Full disclosure – I have not made all these recipes yet, so I […]

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31 Days of Meal Planning – Italian Week + Grocery List

Disclaimer – I’ve never been to Italy.  So many of these foods are probably Americanized or something you’d find at an Italian restaurant here in the states. Meal Plan for a Week of Italian food: Sunday – Individual Pizzas Monday – Lasagna, Garlic Bread, Broccoli Tuesday – Fettuccine Alfredo Wednesday – Crockpot Zuppa Toscana Thursday […]

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31 Days of Meal Planning – Tex Mex Week + Grocery List

I never get tired of Tex-Mex!  I love the flavors found in this cuisine, and frequently use spices such as chili powder, cumin and cilantro in my cooking.  If you’re up for a week of Tex-Mex cooking, I encourage you to use this meal plan! Sunday – Chicken Fajita Burritos, Chips & Guacamole Monday – […]

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31 Days of Meal Planning ~ Hospitality

I feel strongly that we are a people called to be hospitable.  We should be having people in our homes, sharing life with one another.  I’ve spoken about this before here and here so I’m not going to rehash the importance of friends and being hospitable.  (Sidenote: Funny how life works out.  5 years ago I […]

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31 Days of Meal Planning – Plan to Fail

I suppose to put a better spin on this post, it should be called “Plan to be Flexible” instead of “Plan to Fail”. The thing is, life happens.  And not everything always goes as planned.  Some things come up that make you have to adjust your schedule.  And despite how I feel about it sometimes […]

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31 Days of Menu Planning – Week 4 Meal Plan + Grocery List

Week 4 Meal Plan Sunday – Fajita Chicken Burritoes Monday – Beans & Cornbread Tuesday – Tortellini with Pesto, Garlic Bread Wednesday – Crock Pot Salsa Chicken Tacos, Mexican Rice Thursday – Tomato Soup & Grilled Cheese Sandwiches Friday – Chicken & Rice Casserole, Green Beans Saturday – Hamburgers, French Fries Extras – Chocolate Sheet […]

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31 Days of Menu Planning – Week 3 Meal Plan + Grocery List

Week 3 Meal Plan Sunday – Frito Pie Monday – Taco Soup Tuesday – Stuffed Shells, Garlic Bread, Broccoli Wednesday – Crock Pot Chili, Cornbread Thursday – Grilled Chicken Pesto Pizza Friday – Taco Salad, Chips & Salsa Saturday – Chicken Fried Rice, Squash, Broccoli Extras – Banana Pudding, 5-Layer Dip, Pumpkin Bread Sunday 1 […]

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