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#OneDayHH Recap

Every year, Laura Tremaine spears a day in November where Instagram users take photos of the “real everyday” moments and share them on Insta with the tag #OneDayHH.  I’ve participated in the past but missed last year, and was happy to participate again this year. Obviously, I enjoy the creative aspect of photographing the “ordinary” in […]

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Even When It’s Hard. Especially When It’s Hard.

She rolled her eyes at me as I asked if she was forgetting something and pointed to her school-issued iPad lying on the couch as she was headed out the door.  Just yesterday she threw a fit because I “ask her too many questions” about making sure she has her things in the morning.  And […]

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On Blogging

Someone asked me the other day, “You started a blog?”  It seems a funny question to me because I’ve been blogging for so long.  Not in the profitable mega-blog way, but in the sharing, adult outlet mom-blog type way.  I began blogging in 2006, when Clara was not even a year old.  Crazy to think […]

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Two Minute Truth: Carpe Diem

A quick two minute truth for you guys… I share something that inspired me to make the most of my day yesterday. And no, the Astros didn’t win last night… but my hubby still had an awesome experience! Disclaimer:  I was so worn out from being productive and Seizing the Day yesterday that I had […]

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Two Minute Truth: Christmas in October?

Time for a Two Minute Truth with Mama Tutu…  

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Monday Musings

Hey friends! I posted this on Facebook, because I’m a braggy mom, but, competing against students from 15 Middle Schools in the district, my middle daughter placed 9th chair clarinet in the top (Honor) band! She started the year discouraged because band was “harder” than it was at home, but she has worked super hard […]

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“What Did You Do All Day?”

Do you ever get tired of answering that question?  As a stay-at-home mom, sometimes that question irritates me.  It’s not that it’s not a valid question, and sometimes, that’s probably all it is.  I mean, we ask our kids “How was your day?” and really want to know the answer.  It’s just when I haven’t […]

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Vlog: Making Fruit Crunch

Mama Tutu shares a quick and easy dessert recipe.  (Recipe HERE).

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Tableside Guacamole

I mentioned in one of my Monday Musings posts that we’ve been eating a lot of guacamole lately.  Here I show you how I make it, and talk about some of this week’s Happy Mail. You can buy a copy of the “Wonderful God” album at

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Crock Pot Wednesday

Hey friends!  Just thought I’d invite you into the kitchen for a little chat while I prepared my Pot Roast this morning!  Pour yourself a cuppa and join me.

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