Canning Corn

For Mother’s Day I got a pressure canner.  Yay!!  So, when corn went on sale this week, I got 60 ears and took the canner on a trial run.

First we had to shuck the corn.  It helps to have underpaid workers:

Next, we cut the corn off the ears.  (My mom showed up just in time to help!)

I followed the directions from the Ball Book and the pressure cooker owner’s manual step by step to make sure I did everything correctly.

Corn has to cook at 11 lbs. pressure for 85 minutes.  I had to make sure the pressure stayed put, adjusting the heat here and there.  Doesn’t that sound intimidating?  It was a little.

But we survived the process without incident.  I think I could get the hang of this.

I ended up with 10 quarts!  One of them didn’t seal properly, so I put it in the fridge and we had it for dinner tonight.  Quite tasty!  Especially with a little salt & butter.

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