Book Review: The Weird Sisters


The Weird Sisters

Eleanor Brown

The Weird Sisters first struck me due to its odd first person plural narrative.  It’s a unique point of view, so the book has that going for it.  The storyline is about the tale of three sisters, all completely different of course, who use their mother’s illness as an excuse to move back home, all the while being absorbed in their own personal dramas.  Their father is a professor and Shakespeare expert, and the whole family spontaneously bursts into Shakespearean quotes throughout the book, which was another plus for the novel.

After that, the book was just “okay”.  It was a bit cliché and predictable. Parts of the storyline were a bit worldly — I would have trouble recommending it to my grandma or daughter.  But, it did hold my attention and the characters were like-able, even with their fallibility.  I did enjoy the whole book-loving crew.  3 of 5 stars on Goodreads.

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