Book Review: Sticky Faith


 Sticky Faith:
Everyday Ideas to Build Lasting Faith in Your Kids

Kara E. Powell & Chap Clark

I liked the premise of this book and gained a couple of nuggets from it, but overall I found it a little disappointing.  Not that it wasn’t helpful, but it just wasn’t AS specific as I’d hoped it would be.  I guess I was expecting a bullet list.  Do this, this, and this, to help your child’s faith “stick”.  But in the end, you can do a lot of these things, but ultimately it’s their choice.  I felt that the strongest point of the book was that kids need to have other adult Christians besides yourself deeply involved in their lives. The authors suggest a 5:1 ratio (5 adults per child).  Quite a bit of the book focused on the transition of children from high school to college/adulthood, and I guess while that is in my future, I’m just not there yet.  I still am glad I read it though, and I think it’s just another reminder of how I should constantly be purposeful in my life and the example I’m providing for my children.  I gave it 3 of 5 stars on Goodreads.

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