Book Review: Sense and Sensibility


Sense and Sensibility

Jane Austen

Goodreads Summary:

When the Dashwood family estate passes to the eldest son John and his wife, Mrs. Dashwood and her daughters Elinor, Marianne, and Margaret must find a new home. Moving to a cottage in Devonshire, the Dashwood women begin adjusting to a new life and a new social circle. Soon, Elinor is being courted by the gentlemanly Edward Ferrars, and Marianne finds herself torn between two suitors, the brooding Colonel Brandon and social-climbing scoundrel John Willoughby. The love and heartbreaks that they all endure are shaped by the temperament of their time and place and the sense and sensibility of their society.

My Thoughts:

This was the final novel of the Jane Austen’s I read in 2014, although technically I did not finish it until two days into the new year.  As are her other novels, this one is a favorite.  I do love Marianne’s passion and Elinor’s sensibility and good nature.  I don’t know why Austen’s books appeal to me so much, other than they are a window into a simpler, much romanticized time.  This book can be judged on it’s own merit, though and not just on being one the Austen romances.  I love the twists and turns.  There are quite a few shocking twists to the first time reader, and all the plots are interwoven so well.  The storyline of Lucy is especially heart-wrenching.  It’s certainly worth the read if you’ve never read it before.


Would I recommend this to a fellow book lover?  Absolutely.
Would I recommend this to my teen daughter?  Sure.  Although the old English may make it a bit hard to follow.


5 of 5 stars.


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