Book Review: Same Kind of Different as Me.


Same Kind of Different as Me

Ron Hall and Denver Moore

I bought this book about a year ago, after hearing co-author Ron Hall speak at a fundraiser banquet.  I thought he had a neat story, and that I’d enjoy the book, so I bought my autographed copy.  My eldest daughter read it the first week we owned it, and then it disappeared into the recesses of her room for a while.  About half a year later, I retrieved it and moved it to my bookcase, where it sat for a while longer.  Finally, I decided to dust it off last week and take it with me to the dentist office where I had some waiting room time ahead of me while three little girls had their teeth cleaned.  By the time they all had pretty clean smiles, I was on chapter 19.

The book hops back and forth between two narrators: Denver, who grew up on a sharecropper’s plantation before he moved on to the big city streets to live as a homeless man, and Ron, a wealthy art dealer.  It tells the story of their past, and how their two lives ended up intertwined to form the most unlikely friendship.  The connection centers around Ron’s wife, Deborah.  It’s a powerful story of unconditional love and loving the unloveable as Christ taught his followers to do.

As far as books go, this one is easy reading.  The different narrators definitely have their own voice, and I loved the switching of perspectives – especially as their stories came to be parallel but told from two different points of view.  The story itself is outstanding.  The pictures evoked in my mind were quite vivid.  I would caution you, unlike I did, to preview the book or at least simultaneously to read it with your older tween or teen – – there is some sensitive material, in the form of some things that happened to Denver when he was a boy, specifically an event carried out by members of the KKK.   Also, several times, the “n” word is used.  I wish I had know that before my 12 year old had read the book.  I probably still would have let her read it, but we would have discussed it more.  The book both humbled and challenged me, and I would recommend it to others.  I would rate the book with a 4.5 of 5 stars.

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  1. Deb Brown September 19, 2013 at 9:01 pm #

    Laura, Several of my friends and i read this about a year ago and we all really liked it. I found myself laughing, crying, being hopeful, and feeling defeated all in the matter of a few chapters. I enjoyed the second book as well, but found the first one a much easier read.

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