Book Review: Reboot with Joe: Fully Charged

RebootReboot with Joe: Fully Charged

Joe Cross

Goodreads Summary:

In Fully Charged, Joe Cross shares what he’s learned since filming Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead about staying healthy in an unhealthy world. Whether you’ve followed the Reboot diet and are looking for help in sustaining your success, or looking for advice that will help you lose weight and adopt a healthy lifestyle, this book is full of inspiration and encouragement, as well as practical tips for diet, exercise, and mindfulness.

Adopt Joe’s 7 keys and thrive!

1. Change Your Relationship to Food (Don’t Abuse Food)
2. Change Your Diet (Eat the Right Stuff)
3. Change Your Habits About Food (Find a New Groove)
4. Embrace Community (Get a Little Help From Your Friends)
5. Maintain the Machine (Follow the Upkeep Manual)
6. Practice Mindfulness (Chill Out)
7. Respect Yourself

“Before I started juicing, I was overweight and taking medication to treat an autoimmune disease. By drinking only fresh vegetable and fruit juices while making my film Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead, I lost weight, got off the medication, and began to feel better than ever! Today, I still drink a lot of juice and eat a balanced diet centered on fruits and vegetables. But I’ve also realized that staying healthy is a lot more complex than just what you eat. I’ve distilled what I’ve learned down to 7 Keys to health and happiness. Paying attention to these 7 keys helps me thrive.”

My Thoughts:

I have gone through a “reboot” (both 3 and 5 days) before and enjoy using recipes on the website.  When this book became available to review through Netgally, I requested to review it and was selected.  (All opinions are my own).  I liked this book better than your typical diet book.  It’s more about the longevity of a lifestyle change and how to maintain the lifestyle and weight loss after the original “stint” with juicing and it’s weight/healthy rewards.  I felt encouraged to give it another goal and to stick it out.  It’s also not just about juicing only.  It talks about incorporating healthy foods into your routine and making your healthy lifestyle sustainable.


Would I recommend this to a fellow book lover?  If she/he was interested in juicing, yes.
Would I recommend this to my teenage daughter?  Probably not


4 of 5 stars

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