Book Review: Poison



Bridget Zinn

This was a lovely lighthearted book and a quick read.  The story begins with Kyra, a 16 year old potions-master, who is on the run for attempting to assassinate the princess… who also happens to be her best friend.  Soon she acquires the most adorable little sidekick — a small magical tracking pig.  I know — it sounds odd, but he has a cute little personality, and in my opinion, is a great addition to the story.

Over the course of the novel we learn the back story, meet some new characters, and read through surprising twists and turns.  Some actually surprised me!   I loved it.  Loved.

The only negative thing that takes away the 5 star rating for me on this one is that it seems like the editing could be a little cleaner — especially toward the end of the book.  Things just don’t seem polished, if that makes sense.  But, in her defense, the author died from cancer 2 years before this book – her debut novel – was published, so I don’t know if the editing revisions would have been better had she done them — or if someone else even did them for that matter.  It’s sad to me that she didn’t live to see her first book published… and also sad that we won’t be reading anything new from this talented author.  4 of 5 stars on Goodreads.

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