Book Review: Jam Today Too


 Jam Today Too

Tod Davies

ReviewIcon1Warm, conversational, and exquisitely practical, Davies returns to the Jam Today series to share new recipes from her home kitchen—and stories about her experiences cooking for herself and her friends, family, and pets—during the best and worst of times. Whether she’s describing how she set up her kitchen in an RV after a flood, encouraging young feminists to try cooking a baked potato, adapting an M.F.K. Fisher recipe to create “the world’s simplest hollandaise sauce,” or singing the praises of her favorite local food purveyors, her infectious enthusiasm provides inspiration for everyone from trained chefs to those barely able to scramble an egg.

Featuring advice for omnivores and vegetarians alike about how to eat (and what to prepare) to survive natural disasters, cross-country moves, bereavement, holidays-gone-wrong, and even a spontaneous picnic, Jam Today Too provides all the ingredients for daily feeding of mind, body, and soul.

ReviewIcon2I have mixed feelings about this book. On the one hand, the author’s voice is quite likable.  She reads like a sweet Nana who loves spending time with good food and good people.  She is a big proponent of cooking with what you have on hand, which I agree with.  Problem is, the  what-she-has-on-hand seems to be things I would never have in my kitchen like octopus, squid, lamb and seaweed.  So, even though she peppers all her recipes with fun anecdotal stories, I felt myself fighting to not skim at times.  I felt bad about it too.. because I really did feel like the author was a dear friend, and that I would be hurting her feelings by not reading the whole thing.

There were some pages that I bookmarked for future reference and a few recipes were included that I would probably try, but I don’t see this food memoir/cookbook being something that I pick up again and again.



Would I recommend this to my BFF?  No.  If she had time to read a food memoir/cookbook, I’d recommend Bread and Wine.
Would I recommend this to my teen daughter?  No.  I don’t think it would hold her interest.



3 of 5 stars.

I received an Advanced Readers Copy of this book for an exchange of an honest review.

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