Book Review: Inferno



Dan Brown

If you liked Dan Brown’s other books about professor Robert Langdon, you will like this latest one too.  It has the same quick-paced style, and lots of interesting plot twists and turns.  The way he weaves history and literature into his books is fabulous.  As the story begins, Langdon wakes up in a hospital in Italy with a head injury, and no idea how he got there… and on top of that, people trying to kill him.  As you read on, pieces of a puzzle are woven together to provide the back story, and reveals the importance of the quest they are on.  As they race the clock to prevent the unleashing of a biological weapon of sorts, things unravel in ways that you don’t expect.

Even though I loved the book, I gave it 4 of 5 stars for two reasons.  First, it has some language that I wouldn’t want my daughter reading.  Second, it got a little political/philosophical at the end in its discussion of the science of altering genetic codes.  While it went along with the book, it was a little much for me.  I did enjoy it overall, and look forward to future books by Mr. Brown.

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