Book Review: Holes


Louis Sachar

This was a book I read to my girls after reading its good reviews.  I always love it when I start a book and my oldest rolls her eyes, not wanting to read it because “It sounds boring” only to be saying “One more chapter! One more chapter” as we near the book’s end.  This was such a book.

It tells the story of Stanley, a boy sent to a juvenile delinquent camp after he was falsely accused for theft.  He blames his ‘bad luck’ on his great-great-pig-stealing-grandfather, who had supposedly been cursed back in Italy by a fortune teller.  In-between the present day story of Stanley is woven historical bits of a story that ends up relating to the current happenings.  The delinquents of the camp each have to dig a hole a day – 5 foot deep and 5 feet wide.  “To build character,” they are told.  It soon becomes aware to Stanley that it’s not just to build character.  They are looking for something.  But what?  That’s a story that interestingly goes all the way back to into the past of Stanley’s family, and of the ghost of the town the camp is sitting on.

This is a delightful little story with lots of neat little motifs braided throughout the book.  With the exception of a couple of “OMG’s” the story is a clean one, too.  It was a fun read-aloud for the kids.  4 of 5 stars on Goodreads.


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