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Jane Austen




Beautiful, clever, rich – and single – Emma Woodhouse is perfectly content with her life and sees no need for either love or marriage. Nothing, however, delights her more than interfering in the romantic lives of others. But when she ignores the warnings of her good friend Mr Knightley and attempts to arrange a suitable match for her protegee Harriet Smith, her carefully laid plans soon unravel and have consequences that she never expected. With its imperfect but charming heroine and its witty and subtle exploration of relationships, Emma is often seen as Jane Austen’s most flawless work.





Oh, Jane.  How I love reading her works.  I think Emma’s character sometimes gets a bad wrap for being such a meddling goody-goody.  However, I think she’s charming.  As do many of Austen’s works, this one includes a “lesson” and throughout the novel, we see Emma grow in character.  Austin’s characters are so fabulous… especially the over-the-top ones such as Mrs. Elton.  She makes them so real.  Every time Mr. Woodhouse says something in his worried manner about the draft or something of the sort, as a reader I just smile, and think, oh, that’s so like Mr. Woodhouse.  How does she do that?  Good writing, that’s how.  People just don’t write like this anymore.  Sigh.




Would I recommend this to my BFF?  Of course!
Would I recommend this to my teen daughter?  Yes. I have tried getting her into Austen.  We’ve watched several of the movie adaptations of the books (I know — the horror!) but it’s still hard for her to get into the books still because of the language.  I’m hoping as she continues to develop as a reader, the old English won’t be such a deterrent for her.




5 of 5 stars, of course!


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