Book Review: A Good American


A Good American

Alex George

This book has one of the best first lines EVER.  I was struck so much by it, that upon reading it, I had to stop, just to take a quick snapshot.


A Good American is the story of a German immigrant, his family, and their story.  The story spans through 4 generations, and covers nearly a century.  Although told as one continuous story, the book is definitely separated into parts, and I found I liked the bookends (the first and last parts of the book) better than its middle.  While the story kept my interest, I felt that the writing was better in the beginning.  As the novel went on, especially as it moved into the experiences of 4 teenage boys, it got a little too hormonal for my liking, but then in the end, things wrapped up neatly with some pretty surprising twists.  I did like the music motif that ran throughout the book, and I liked how everything was connected in its own way.  It was almost an epic, considering how the author wove parts of American history right into the novel and showed how even a family of German descent in small town American still has its brushes with important historical moments. 3.5 of 5 stars.

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