Birthday Fun at the Houston Aquarium

My husband called me the morning of my middle daughter’s birthday and told me one of his work associates had arranged for a special afternoon for our girls.

Special indeed!  We picked Daddy up and headed to the Downtown Aquarium.  We were met by an animal trainer, who promptly took us behind the scenes.  A bewildered daughter was a little apprehensive when she found out she’d be feeding one of the White Bengal Tiger’s his lunch!

Aquarium16We actually got to “meet” three of the 4 tigers.  This first one, in the picture above, was making a chuffing noise, which the trainer told us is like her version of a purr, and that she must like the girls.  (Her name was Marina).

Here they are behind the scenes with the trainer, who looked to be about 12, but was super-sweet.  She gave us an inside look to the tigers, and told us all about them.  She answered all of the girls questions.

Aquarium15Then it was time to feed Reef, a 420 pound tiger!


Aquarium12They all three got to take turns feeding him “meat on a stick.”  At first, they were a little scared/excited, but the excitement finally won over.

Aquarium13It was pretty cool.

Afterwards, we took some fun pictures with their photo-op tiger, and then headed to lunch at the Aquarium restaurant.


Aquarium10Lunch was fabulous, and even after we thought we could eat no more, we were brought this amazing toffee/ice cream dessert that we all FIVE shared and still didn’t finish!

Aquarium4After lunch, we went outside and took the train ride through the shark tank.


Aquarium3Later, we walked through the Aquarium.

Aquarium9Which ended in a visit with our old pal, Marina.  This time, from the other side of the glass.


Aquarium8The girls ended with this crazy bouncy ride that I was more than happy to just be a spectator for.

Aquarium6It was such an exciting day.  The girls had a blast.


Aquarium5It was dubbed the “BEST birthday EVER!”  What more could a mama want?

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