Backyard Birdwatching

We recently added two bird baths to the back yard.  One we keep filled with water and one we keep filled with birdseed.  Birds eat bad bugs out of the garden, plus they’re fun to watch and listen to.

We have a bunch of little songbirds that have been hanging out in the back yard.  I’m not sure what kind these are — maybe some kind of chickadees?


I’m pretty sure that this is a mom and baby.


Because I’ve noticed that she feeds these two…


Isn’t that sweet?  See, here’s brother saying, “Feed me too!!”


We’ve had a bluejay, but he’s a bit camera shy… he doesn’t stay in one place very long.



We also have a pair of cardinals.

The males are so pretty!



We have two pairs of mourning doves who sing to us all day and are never far from the yard.

birds1We have mockingbirds, who seem to have evaded all the pictures.  Then there’s this pesky fella, who likes to peek at the birds over the fence…

birds10And I’m pretty sure he lives in my attic.  *Sigh*



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